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"We are proud to have S-Partners as a partner. S-Partners provided crucial support and networking opportunities for Gamaya, and have been instrumental for our early success. Gamaya offers unique and compelling agronomy solutions for industrial farmers and we see Asian markets as tremendous future opportunity for growth."

Yosef Akhtman -  Co Founder/ CEO GAMAYA SA

"S-Partners is representing Ecosafe SA in Asia since mid of 2015. Their effort helped us to grow our presence in the region with a proper network of local distributors leading to increased sales. S-partners helped us to double the sales team in Asia, and we expect the same progress for the next 2 years."

Jean-Michel Thieulin - Owner & CEO ECOSAFE SA

"S-Partners deep understanding of innovative products niche markets combined with a first-in-class investor network has leaded us to a successful outcome and we really want to thank S-Partners team for that!"

David Weill - Founder & CEO PRIMEQUAL SA